Performing artists in 180 BPM EVENTS

Name of the artists in TECHNO TEMPLE

Elena Pavla

Elena Pavla a DJ, producer and radio host who has performed in clubs in Ibiza, London, Morocco and Moscow. Her music is classified as techno house and deep house. On CELEBS TREND NOW, She is one of the successful DJ. She is one of the Richest DJ who was born in Russia. She also has a position among the list of Most popular DJ.

DJ Pearl

DJ PEARL officially played at Sunburn in 2018. DJ Pearl knows how to catch the pulse of the audience. Your energy finds home in her foot-tapping tracks. Her love for the rhythm and passion for music has inspired her to explore the unknown and master a spectacular array of genres.

Seventh Sea

Seventh Sea has been in the music scene for over a decade. In 2013 he discovered his new found love for underground electronic music. He has since shared the decks with some industry stalwarts both in India and abroad. His music is multi-dimensional due to the years spent exploring different styles of sound, with a strong undercurrent of Melodic House and techno.

Kavya Khurana

Kavya Khurana is an Indian model a DJ and actress best known for her appearance in MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 along with Gurmeet Rehal. She idolizes DJ Khaled as her idol. Her performances across India have stunned the crowd which made her explore more about DJing.

Name of the artist in PRIVILAGE UNSPOKEN

Jay Lumen

Jay Lumen… Music is part of his life since his childhood years. He learnt music in
conservatory for eight years, which provided a good basis to his ambition of making music.
This ambition appeared very early, during the schooldays, when he started to turn compositions of classic authors to his own style, rather than playing the original versions of them. Although he was educated to play on a classic instrument – violin – he early recognized that his desire of creative work would not be realized with this kind of instrument. By getting his first computer, he immediately started to make his ideas to be heard. In the meantime he got to know the synthetizator in the way of self-education also, and as he obtained the newest technologies and softwares, he developed himself with them and got more and more closer to the sounding in which he felt himself familiar.
Nowadays, Jay Lumen is one of the most quickly developing new generation DJ/producers. As a producer he has nine No1, twentyfour Top10, and several Top20 charted tunes till now.

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