Welcome to 180 BPM nights

The 180BPM Music Festival’s vision is to make accessible the highest calibre of internationally renowned artists presenting in the fields of Techno, EDM and Psytrance music to a wide variety of audiences, for a never-ending period beginning in November 2019.

The 180BPM Music Festival expands the musical offerings in India while enhancing the quality of its cultural life; residents and tourists do not need to travel to top cities to enjoy top-level Techno, EDM & Psytrance experiences. Research has shown the social, physical and cognitive benefits of having a music festival in its community, enhancing people’s moods and nurturing a sense of belonging.

  1. Music performances to be remembered for a lifetime.
  2. Concerts of the highest calibre that are accessible to a wide variety of audiences.
  3. Quality return on investment for corporate sponsors, media partners and regional stake holders: quantitative reports, complimentary tickets and VIP admission to gala events.
  4. Music education seminars and workshops to enhance the engagement of the public and students with the arts.
  5. Digital multimedia elements to enhance the performance experience.
  6. Emerging artists series within the Festival and a workshop module to connect developing, young artists with internationally renowned music artists.

The 180BPM Music Festival is inviting everyone to attend its musical events including those who may have grown up in musical households, enjoy live music events, or simply maintains a curious stance towards the performing arts. We are also committed to supporting “Rising Artists”, on our happening festival/events stages.

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